Thursday, January 6, 2011

Going Mumbai - Incidental change of location.

After completion of  my B.Tech. from GCTI Kanpur, I manage to get two Job offers, one from Pashupati spinning and another from DCM Ltd. Incidentally I preferred DCM over Pashupati, because  DCM as a brand had a lasting impression in my mind since childhood as my parents used to regulary visit DCM showrooms for purchasing various Household requirements like Towels, Bedsheets, other fabrics etc.
In this situation I have to Submit my resignation (from Pashupati Placement) to our College Placement officer. Interesting thing - Resignation even without Joining.....that was year 1993.
After a stint of 1 year at DCM working in shopfloor, I was absolutely drained and eventually resigned to further my Studies. Fortunately that year I managed to get Admission into MMS at TIT&S, Bhiwani - 2 years of full time study, nice time spent back in school, relaxing and good time as compared to horrible time  working in shifts and that to in  shopfloor !!! ...
...and finally toward the completion of our MMS, the day of reckoning came, PLACEMENT TIME...........year 1996
Indorama, a dream for every Textile professional at that time came for the campus recruitment. After having texting rounds at GD and interveiw,  three from our class - Sujeet, Dudeja, along with me were offered Jobs for placement at Indorama Corporate office New Delhi..........
(Interesting situations were to follow) -  unaware of this, we were on the 7th heaven, in an exclusive celeberating mood,  aware of the fact that other mates are having a kind of jealousy on our KILA FATEH (winning the fort), we felt very relaxed. 
Subsequently by the end of our final semester exams, we had the appointment letters in our hands.

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