Friday, January 14, 2011

...the most UNEASY NIGHT

After leaving office we sat together over a cup of tea and brain stormed...WHAT  NEXT.!!!!  All three’s  state of mind was flowing in the same stream.
Should we go???? or we simply forget this job and try to find another one !!!!  OR   we should get it a try... UNDECIDED .....fixing to talk again next day, we dispersed..........
In the state of big impasse,  reached back to place of my stay, went to a PCO to speak with my DAD, about the latest development of the day.
Personally I was absolutely unwilling to go to Mumbai, The childhood impressions (observations from the magazine advertisements, movies, newspapers) of  ( ) Mumbai local trains without engines, with the over head electric wires connected with connectors mounted on the passenger coaches...  train commuters  standing at the wide doors of the bogeys..  Narrations about Bombay  in the movies.... and the terrific pictures of people moving in big crowd rushing for their  works etc, had a very  frightening negative image of the city, which was forcing me to give up the idea of going to Mumbai   altogether....
After talking with my Dad, I was still in the state of fix, one point notable which my dad said, Do not say No now, go there,  have a look for yourself and see if you can manage then continue, if you find it difficult you can  always come back.
That night, my  brain was going all wild, with all kind of useful/useless analysis, We all three were to go Mumbai for the first time, interestingly  non of us has any acquaintances there.
Finally, I  boldened  myself since we are three, we can manage, if things didn't work out, we have open option to return back. Armed myself with some contact numbers my dad gave to me.... tried to sleep whole night, but managed to turn sides only......

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