Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Memories- My Mumbai Stay of 9 + years

While coming to office today, I was just sailing back into my memories, when suddenly, an idea clicked to my mind....  why not try to jot down some incidents, some experiences of my momentous life in Mumbai....
This will not only help me to ease my mental pressures, but also going to give a boost to my  long cherished urge to become a writer!!!.........
WRITER....  well this sounds as  a  little vague idea but  why not give it a shot, Technology has give an opportunity and world wide web has given a platform, where you can create a space for yourself and  put your imaginations or experiences or your lessons of life  into BLACK and WHITE.
Its  not the first time……I have given a shot earlier to this dream, when I got couple of my articles published in Our college annual Magazine  and some of my Letters written to editor of magazine - Science reporter, got  published, during my student Life.
Initially, I don't have plan to make it a promoted public space, I would just keep creating my writes and lets see if something substantial comes out then can consider making it into a organised displayed material.
This space is going to be a kind of my Memoir diary, where I would  write about my travel to Mumbai and  Nine and half years of  my  stay in that Mega city which is full of Dreams, Struggle and  Mysteries.

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