Friday, January 7, 2011

JOINING... Our eagerly awaited Job

..and that was a short vacation of around 15 days, after our final semester and Joing date (I could remember it was 15 June,) when we were supposed to join.
I reached Delhi a night before and stayed at my borther’s place. He was based in Delhi and working in some Garments unit, at that time.
Next day as it could be enthusiastically got ready and went to the Office at Cannaught Place to start our professional life, the other two guys also reached and we met there and were asked to sit in the conference room to finish up with the joining formalities. We sat there chatting , had some coffee, while chatting also dreaming and feeling goose bumps at the same time, as to how will we be able to cope up the office life moving from School life. Half day passed sitting there, we had Lunch ( were offered some Pizza portions along with coffee), One Kapil (HR executive) who was attending us, came to check If we are DONE. ( now this DONE has a multidimensional meaning here, Which I now wonder had a bigger implication, as to the meaning it had to us at that time). Kapil was asking if we are done with our Lunch, or he was asking whether we are done with our relaxed time and are ready for next  sojourn..........
We were taken to the HR G.M, and were give a shock of our life !!!!!!!!!
He informed us or rather commanded, that you three guys are supposed to Join the Marketing Head office in Mumbai, where all your joining formalities will be carried out, and you guys have to immediately start your move..............
On checking with them as to how should we  go on such a short notice, they told us that we have to move by train, and all this journey we have to manage ourselves ..........(another bomb - as they informed that they have not got any reservations etc done for us....)
We were blasted with the biggest shock of our life and were left  muffled on this development.
None of us has ever visited Mumbai earlier, and were now asked to immediately move there without any preplanned arrangement.
It was a tremor of 9 on ritcher scale,  our faces got wide with sullen eyes, body trembling with the horrific idea of Going a mystical city called Mumbai, which we never ever contemplated of going, before that HR GM, cracked the egg on our heads...............
KARTA KYA NA KARTA (with no option in hand) we left the office telling them  that  we need some time to make arrangements of tickets etc and the earliest could be only the next day to start for Mumbai. They gave us the address and the contact person name in Mumbai, and also told us the details of some hotel where our stay has been fixed.

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